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Re: E-M:/ Fish from local waters are just fine

Yes, mercury is everywhere and just like there is no safe cigarette, thus no safe fish to eat free from contaminates either for the extremist.  I do support the fight to remove contaminants.  I posted the article, as the best example in writing I've found from the view of a sport fisherman.  He expresses the realistic approach taken by most sport fishers to eat cleaner fillets.  The contaminant testing is deliberately done in the most bias way to scare people much as possible.  Do you eat the heads, guts, and fat?  Most people don't. 
There are two examples of fish advisory hype promoted by local fishers.
1. Higher fish contaminant hype equals better fishing. 
    Example is White Lake during the peak years of the Hooker Chemical Co hype.  More tourist stayed away, less fishing pressure, thus the natural fish grew larger, and we had great fishing.  Yes, a bit selfish.
2. Some of our lakes need more large predators to control exploding forage and exotic fish.
    Example is the muskie that is the only predator large enough to take on tons of large shad sheapshead, etc and at 42" legal size probably contaminated.  Play up the hype!  The large muskies live 20+ years, grow to huge trophy size, and are far too valuable to be killed and eaten.  They help balance the lake and provide a catch-release trophy fishery repeated many times over.
We need to remove every contaminant possible from the lake food chain.  Warn the public in more honest way to the potential contaminant risks.  Enjoy fishing and all the healthy benefits of eating fish.