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Re: E-M:/ Mercury and fish consumption see http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/fs-016-03/index.html

Enviro-Mich message from "Geoffrey Bryan Habron" <habrong@msu.edu>

Greetings! Below you will find three links with guidance and information about fish consumption advisory programs. In fact, the broadest advisory applies to Michigan inland lakes for mercury (MDCH 2003, pg.2). According to the information in these websites mercury is found throughout the muscle tissue. Not all restrictions concern mercury, not all restrictions concern PCBs. Trimming the fish and cooking the fat away is recommended by the guidelines to reduce PCBs, not mercury (MDCH 2003,pg. 3).

The state advisory makes recommendations based on the particular water body, fish species, fish size, the contaminant and whether the consumer is of particular concern (women of child-bearing age and children) or in the general population (MDCH 2003,pg. 5).

Just because a water body is listed in the advisory does not always mean there are restrictions. Sometimes a water body appears because data show that fewer restrictions exist than the general advisory.

Michigan Department of Community Health - the official state fish advisory

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - the official state fish contaminant analyses

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - federal fish advisory information; includes the 2004 joint EPA and Food and Drug Administration advisory

Chuck Cubbage writes:

Not all of the fish contaminants are found associated with the fatty tissues. See the website http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/fs-016-03/index.html Regards,

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