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I thought someone on enviro-mich might be perfect for this.

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Subject: 	[Sustainable-ed] FW: Help in finding a Program Director
Date: 	Mon, 27 Feb 2006 22:13:11 -0500
From: 	Rowe, Debra G <DGROWE@oaklandcc.edu>
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From: Edward C Lorenz [mailto:lorenz@alma.edu] Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 12:22 PM
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Subject: Help in finding a Program Director

Please forgive this moderately long message. However, I want to alert
you to a need and opportunity for a person committed to responsible
global leadership. Alma College is in the process of hiring a person to
direct a newly created Center for Responsible Leadership. I'm writing
because we have been having problems finding applicants who meet the
intent of the program - which is to lead a program that will help
undergraduates move beyond just getting a job and getting ahead
(something they always have managed) and to prepare them to be
responsible when they INEVITABLY become leaders.

We especially want to help our students blend local leadership -
empowering communities - and yet having a global perspective.   We have
just launched a three year program for 50 sophomores [signing up at the
end of their freshman year - so at any one time we will have 150
students - sophomores, juniors and seniors] that will get them to think
about responsible community leadership in a global world.

The leadership institute is not a major, but is designed for students of
any major.  It will included a week long sophomore institute in August
at the Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico (no cell-phone service!).  In
the winter of the Junior year students will be taken to the U.S.-Mexico
border region for an "International Institute" - designed to force them
to think about the impact of globalization.  The International Institute
is really a leap of faith for the college.  Alma is trying to confront
the challenges of globalization and to immerse a large group of students
in a place that will make them think of issues facing the next
generation arising from world trade policy and related change.

Another component of this effort is that all of the 150 students (50
each summer) will be required to do an internship - hopefully with a
"trans-boundary organization." One alumnus of Alma has endowed the
compensation for a number of these "trans-boundary" internships - if the
host organization cannot pay a stipend.

I should add, that we want to blend the interest in local communities
and the world. One of the hallmarks of Alma's recent past, that we wish
to continue, is to supporting local citizen efforts to address issues
such as environmental contamination (we have hosted the Pine River
Superfund Task Force, a regional EPA community advisory group) and have
supported a regional forum [the Common Table] for farm families
concerned with the "new agriculture."

In any case, we need a full-time Director for this Center. This is
initially a three year (annual contract) position, but we're in the
midst of seeking endowment for the Center Director. This is a great
opportunity for someone committed to shaping a new way to get college
students to think about being responsible global leaders. This is not a
position for unimaginative administrative types (I don't mean to insult
anyone). It's for a person who can organize the program but also guide
it and represent it to the wider world. The position description is
below. Please take a few minutes to think of someone who would be good
for this and urge them to contact me or tell me and I'll call them.

Ed Lorenz (Interim Co-Director of Center for Responsible Leadership)

Edward C. Lorenz Reid-Knox Professor of History & Political Science Alma College 614 West Superior St. Alma, MI 48801 (989) 463-7203 [office] (989) 463-6170 [home] (989) 463-7272 [FAX]

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