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Re: E-M:/ Wayne County Town Hall -- Humbug-- County's participation

Enviro-Mich message from Smileysmlc@aol.com

Yes, Blair.  It's a good thing that Wayne County came around on Humbug Marsh 
and didn't prevail in their original plan to sell bonds to finance the 
infrastructure for the proposed Made-In-Detroit development at Humbug Marsh.  I think 
that is a good example of why citizens should not consider Wayne County (or 
any) government to be a lost cause, but should remain vigilant in pushing for 
better policies...and, yes, seeking out champions.

At the meeting last night, County Executive Robert Ficano did announce that 
the County was giving $2 million from the Parks millage to Fort Wayne.  (It 
wasn't clear how that would be used; possibly to restore two buildings or to 
construct two new buildings.)  After 10 years of collecting millage receipts, it's 
good to finally hear that Wayne County is using some of the money as was 
promised.  I hope that citizens will have an active role overseeing its 
expenditure.  The devil is always in the details.

As you note, citizen involvement is key to any successful government program, 
especially for parks.  Many other counties with significant park programs 
utilize Park Commissions.  It seems that establishing a Wayne County Park 
Commission could put needed focus on the need for a quality park system in Wayne 
County, and it would enable citizens to be involved in--or at least aware of--the 
decision making process.  

I think we need a little more than just love. . .

Jack Smiley

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