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E-M:/ feedback plz: Recycled Asphalt ?

Dear Michigan,

Are there issues related to using recycled asphalt to cover a hill?  “A friend rents land from the state in Greenville to run a camp for blind children. The state is going to make some improvements to the land and one of the things is to put recycled asphalt over a hill. It’s been suggested that they use limestone instead but they want to use the asphalt instead. He is wondering what kind of leaching concern there is, and says there is a pristine stream nearby.” 


I don’t know the nature of the “improvements”, unfortunately.  Can anyone offer advice or feedback about this?  It seems like asphalt would contain a whole lotta car-related petroleum chemicals and ground-up tire bits. 






Rita Jack

Water Sentinels Project, Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

tel:  517-484-2372


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