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E-M:/ Freeing the capital to do the good work we need to do

Enviro-Mich message from "Link, Terry" <link@mail.lib.msu.edu>

Enviro-micher's might have noted my innocent sounding query a week or two back about using Foundation dollars that were accumulated from "excess" profits from businesses that have passed along some of the costs to communities that may linger for generations. We are all aware that repairing what is broke in the world often costs far more starting with something new - a cell phone breaks, we throw it out and buy a new one.

A conference we are hosting in two weeks takes a combination preventative and restorative approach by looking at examples of approaches to freeing up financial capital to build stronger communities through reinvestment in triple-bottom-line returns = environmental, social and economic. There are huge amounts of financial capital in institutions approximately $10 billion in public university endowments and pension funds not to mention the invested funds in all the foundations in Michigan. If we could get the money managers of those funds to begin taking even modest portions of those investments and putting them into bonds, projects, and companies that are focused on seriously developing healthy and sustainable communities here in Michigan we would plug the some of the leaks in our boat that sees most of those funds leaving the state for short-term single bottom-line returns.

The folks we have brought together for this conference will share many examples of how some institutional investors are managing their funds for a triple-bottom-line return. I urge you to share this announcement with anyone you know who has involvement with any of these types of investment or has any interest in how we can move these ideas into the mainstream here in Michigan. The multiplier effect of circulating our own capital back through locally owned businesses, state supported projects, and reinvestments will go a long way towards returning not only our economy to stronger health but also the health of our environment and social fabric. 

Michigan State University's Community Economic Development Program and Office of Campus Sustainability are hosting the 19th Annual Community Development Institute on April 5 at the Kellogg Center on the campus of MSU. This year's event will focus on emerging trends to align investments from institutional investors - university endowments, foundation endowments, and pension funds with community development and socially and environmentally responsible goals. Keynoting the event will be Dr. Hazel Henderson an economist, futurist and author and Vic DeLuca, president of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation. They will be joined by other leaders from Socially and Environmentally Resonsible Investing community highlighting emerging opportunities to rebuild our communities through sound financial, social, and environmental investments
Who Should Attend?
Financial officers, managers of institutional investment portfolios, faith-based institutional lenders, endowment fund managers, pension fund managers, foundation officers, leaders and professionals from higher education institutions, community and economic development organizations, business, state and local government officials, and other concerned citizens, activists, students and scholars should join us for a day of exploring exciting and emerging efforts to utilize institutional financial capital to spark "responsible community development" in our own backyards. Taking the single bottom line approach and optimizing it for a triple-bottom-line return.
For details see the conference brochure at:  http://www.cedp.msu.edu/reports/06%20SI%20brochure%20final%208x111.pdf

Terry Link, Director
Office of Campus Sustainability
Michigan State University
106 Olds Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824
1-517-355-1751 (Phone/fax)

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