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The original intention to create a public and legislative process for selling off public parks is laudable and necessary since any portion of the parks can now be sold without either of those checks is really in place.   


What we need is permanent protection for our beloved state parks and remove the wild card of political appointees making the decisions regarding what is special and what is disposable for us.


Sue Kelly



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March 21, 2006


Action Alert from Defense of Place


Michigan State Parkland at Risk



BILLS 971 and 972 and the substitute S-5 for SB 971.


Please call your state senator before 10 a.m.

tomorrow, WEDNESDAY MARCH 22 and urge him or her to

vote “no” on Senate Bills 971 and 972 and the

Substitute 5 for 971. These bills will be voted on in

the Senate on March 22 at the session beginning at 10



(Find your State Senator by going to



You can also tell Governor Jennifer M. Granholm to not

support these bills:

Phone: (517) 373-3400; fax: (517) 335-6863


Senators’ original intentions were to try to create a

public process and legislative oversight for proposals

to sell off parks. Instead, these two bills were

seriously compromised in a substitute version now

being voted on for SB 971:


The Substitute S-5 for SB 971 would:


--continue to treat our state park system as tradable,

saleable lands, not protected parks


--spell out a process for how parkland can be sold by

the Department of Natural Resources or by the

Legislature, depending on the size of the parkland



  --allow sales of large amounts of state parkland

without any public or legislative oversight (up to 100

acres or 15% of any state park, whichever is less)


--make the sale of larger amounts of parkland quite

simple for the administration—and difficult for

citizens to stop such sales—by allowing parkland sales

to occur in 60 days if the Legislature does not act to

stop the sale.


--fail to provide permanent protection for any parks

or parkland in perpetuity, including wilderness and

designated natural areas.


--easily facilitate the transfer of state parkland to

other public entities


Michigan citizens deserve permanent protection for our

state parks that guarantees that future generations

will be able to enjoy the parks as we have, not

complicated laws that contain formulas for how to sell

them. The original language of SB 971 was stronger

protection, while still falling short of offering any

kind of permanent protection.


Please urge your state senator to vote “no” on SB 971

and 972 and the Substitute S-5 for 971.


For more information contact:


LuAnne Kozma   248-473-5761  LuAnne_Kozma@yahoo.com

Jason Kibbey  jkibbey@defenseofplace.org


Defense of Place



Defense of Place is the organization in the United

States devoted solely to assuring that parks, open

space, and wildlife refuges stay protected forever.








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