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E-M:/ Sibley Prairie Land owner is large doner behind Brownstown Recall election

According to yesterday's Detroit News article. . .
Sibley Prairie Land owner is large doner behind Brownstown Recall election
Thanks  again to  Detroit News (including Dorothy Bourdet and Joel Thurtell) for their support. http://p075.ezboard.com/fbrownstownbacktalkfrm1.showMessage?topicID=1254.topic
"No wonder organizers of the Brownstown Township recall drive didn't want voters to know who was bankrolling their campaign -- when they finally filed their campaign finance report, it was revealed that nearly all of the money for the effort was raised from a prominent developer.
The report came well after the filing deadline by intent; those backing the recall drive didn't want voters to know Randall Fritz, a top executive with family-owned Fritz Enterprises, put $180,000 behind the movement. Fritz's family owns 500 acres in the township and has a considerable interest in who holds elected office."
and thanks to Jennifer Mitchell, News Herald
"Leonard Fritz, founder of Fritz Enterprises Inc., also owns 380 acres in the township near Michigan's largest remaining tract of lake plain prairie. A 2004 plan by Fritz would have allowed Biltmore Homes to construct more than 1,100 housing units on the wetlands at the northwest corner of Sibley and Telegraph roads.
Protesters said it would put the unique prairie plain habitat in jeopardy, but developers said the prairie wouldn't be touched. Instead, Biltmore's plan calls for filling 25 acres of nonprairie wetland. Lake plain prairie is a combination of upland and lowland fields that flood periodically throughout the year. That type of ecosystem once dominated Michigan landscapes, but now only exists at 2 percent of its original acreage.
Philpot said the Board of Trustees still is waiting to hear the state Department of Environmental Quality's ruling on the project."