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Re: E-M:/ state park bills

I have been delighted to use Michigan parks since the early 1960s, and follow parks matters pretty closely.  But I'm one of those people who were completely unaware that state parks no longer receive funds from the general fund.
I'm appalled.  I certainly have always considered state parks to be a "core service" of government.
It seems to be true that both at state and local levels in Michigan, government officials are cutting park funds to the bone - or beyond.  Those of us who use and love parks have not been aggressive advocates for what we care about.  Perhaps that's to be expected, as few of us profit financially from parks or have careers that depend on them, as is the case for many advocate for other interests.
Personally, I'm going to look for ways to spread the word about the irresponsible de-funding of state parks, in hopes that parks users will - slowly perhaps - start to speak up on behalf of something that is not only a "core government service" but core to the identity of the state of Michigan.
Thanks for your thoughtful message on this topic, and your service on the Citizens Advisory Committee.
Doug Cowherd
Chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group

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