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Enviro-Mich message from Craig_Riley@URSCorp.com

Given the hesitation from many to buy from large corporations selling
organics, such as Horizon/Deans, and the need to try and get grocery
purchase back to a local market, I wanted to provide the following

I have never seen any posting thru Enviro-Mich on farm markets to purchase
local meat, dairy, and produce.  This topic seems like it could use much
more attention and would be in line with Enviro-Mich subject requirements.
As organic consumers, it seems our only option is WF, Trader Joes and the
like where the organic produce potentially travelled hundreds of miles from
places like Chile and Mexico.  That is not exactly a sustainable option.

I contacted the local market place in Royal Oak to get hours of operation
and general information about the organic farmers there.  I went there on
Saturday and was happy to see a fair amount of certified organic products,
even though it is early in the season.   I spoke with the three organic
farms that were present on Saturday and they are all happy to show their
organic certification and talk about their business.  Two of the farms
mentioned they also sell in Pontiac/Waterford (near Summit Place mall) and
Ann Arbor.  I have included the below information from the Royal Oak market

The website for the RO market is as follows:

This is atleast another little way we can be part of a sustainable

Best Regards

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The market is open in the winter months on Saturdays 7 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Cinzori Farms is our largest certified organic farmer and has already
returned for the season with early offerings like lettuce and green onions.
We also have a certified organic dairy farmer with milk, cheese and ice
cream.  There is one farmer with dried grains, beans etc that is also
certified organic.  Several other organic farmers will join us as the
season progresses.  Thanks for the heads up about the old email address.  I
will get that changed.
Gwen Ross
Market Master

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I am a shopper at Whole Foods and Trader Joes but have been looking for a
good local farmer marketplace to purchase similar good that can be found at
those stores.  I have a few general questions that I was not able to find
out on the website:

1) What are the hours of operation until May (Jan-May)?

2) The website references one farmer who is Certified Organic.  Does that
farmer hold regular hours at the market?  What is his/her name?

3) Do you offer any other certified organic produce besides the one
mentioned on the website?

By the way, the link to email the market on the 'Farm Fresh Produce' page
references a non-working email address, ROmarket@juno.com.

Thanks in advance for your response. I look forward to getting there in the
next few weeks!


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