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E-M:/ Will Michigan enviros and other progressives "crash the gate"

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

There's a new book out about politics by the people who
bring you the http://www.dailykos.com web site called 
"Crashing the Gate  --  Netroots, Grassroots and the 
Rise of People-Powered Politics"   It is on reform of the
progressive movement and the Democratic Party and the 
failure of the Democrats to respond to their base, the
failures of Democratic party consultants who nevertheless 
get rich loosing and other pertinent matters.

Marcos (head Daily Koss...the most visited political blog 
on the internet) apparently has some rough words for 
environmentalists and others in progressive movements.

Here's a little taste:
....on Texas progressives....sound familiar?

The ad for the book is kind of neat...scroll down...

[hit play....in the ad for "buy the book"]

As near as I can tell there is very little in the way of 
a common forum and a means of mutual cooperative action
in Michigan for those in movements on the environment, 
consumer rights, civil rights, labor, civil liberties, women's rights, 
public health promotion, community economic development, 
housing rights and improvement, etc.  If I'm wrong, will 
someone please tell me?

Heck, even getting environmental organizations, hunting and fishing/traditional
conservation types talking and working together is hard and 
there are sometimes very strong disagreements.

As for the Republicans....I just don't know if there
is any hope....they seem resolute on driving out of their
party any vestiges and sponsorship of progressive values.   Look what
they make those moderate Republican senators in Maine, Oregon and Rhode Island  go through
these days.   We used to have conservationist
Republicans a long time ago, but most of them have been 
replaced by right-wing think tank zealots, anti-health-anti-environment
anti-citizen rights pol-bots who have sold their souls to the highest 
bidders or those who are waiting for "The Rapture."
I suppose if you're imminently going to go to heaven then 
one need not worry about sustainable development or putting 
animal waste in Michigan's waters..... apparently good land 
stewardship is not necessary in "the end times."

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