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E-M:/ Some News from Wilderness Society about ANWR and Earth Day

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

Forwarded News from the Wilderness Society below.

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan

First, some great news: Arctic Refuge drilling dropped
from House budget bill
On Wednesday, March 29, the House Budget Committee
decided not to include Arctic Refuge drilling in its
version of the FY07 Budget Reconciliation bill. *Your*
efforts clearly made the difference. But the battle is
not over, because the Senate bill still contains the
provision, and the two bills must still be reconciled.
Stay tuned!

April 22 is Earth Day and a bittersweet one for us at
The Wilderness Society. This will be the first Earth
Day without its founder, Gaylord Nelson, who died last
July 3rd, 2005. After leaving the U.S. Senate in 1981,
he came to The Wilderness Society, fighting for the
things he cared about most, working at our D.C. office
until well into his 80s. His wit, story-telling, and
poker prowess were legend at The Society. So, too,
were his knowledge, political instincts, unflagging
interest in school kids and their questions, and the
respect and civility he always showed his opponents.
While we would credit Gaylord Nelson for ushering in a
whole era of environmental activism, he would give the
credit (and responsibility) to each individual
involved in protecting our planet. Thank you for
helping to keep his vision alive.

Kathy Kilmer 
Director, Electronic Communications
The Wilderness Society

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