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E-M:/ Lee Grande Aspen Plan?


I would like to be invited to any public meeting you plan to have on this "draft" plan for short rotation (50-60 years) aspen plantation management. 

I've never come across any mention of this plan, and have never received notice of a comment period regarding this plan, before these NRC minutes, so it must be a draft plan, and I'm looking forward to debating the plan in public meetings and during the comment period.

As someone that has commented extensively on management of the Gaylord FMU in the past, surely I should have been on a list to receive notice of any forest management plan in the FMU.

Please forward me the draft plan, and let me know the schedule of public meeting.

Tim Flynn
NRC Wildlife Comm. minutes:

"Brian Mastenbrook, Wildlife Division, and Dan Heckman, Forest, Mineral, and Fire Management Division, presented the Lee Grande Aspen Management Plan.  They explained the make-up of this large tract of same-aged aspen and outlined how cutting would now occur across time.  Due to the high quality aspen regeneration in that area, they will be able to cut this aspen at a younger age and start cutting in cycles.  Treatments will occur in approximately 15 to 20 percent of the area every 10 years.  There have been some road issues and many of the forest roads will now be closed and seeded.  Commissioner Charters asked for clarification on the reasoning of why roads would be closed when we are trying to increase access in other areas across the State.  Brian explained that there is still road access but these forest roads are usually covered in water and difficult to use so they do not have value as roads at this time.  Commissioner Garner asked if deer will negatively impact this regeneration.  Brian responded by indicating that Cheboygan deer population is currently below goal. "