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E-M:/ Letter to the Editor, Christian Science Monitor

Enviro-Mich message from jmgear <jmgear@acd.net>

It's an lovely idea that power companies' experience cleaning up particulate emissions means that they should be able to do the same with CO2. If only it were so!

Alas, CO2 is not caused by an impurity in the fuel that can be scrubbed out of the exhaust. Rather, CO2 is, chemically, the product of burning any carbon fuel, whether it be coal, natural gas, petroleum, or wood.

Although we must continue to pursue CO2 sequestration, we must only do so in parallel with steps to aggressively reduce our CO2 output.

Instead, it is being used as a magic incantation to justify business as usual--- which means radical climate destabilization and devestating consequences for billions of people and thousands for species committed to extinction.

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