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Re: E-M:/ Conservation leaders form political action committee

I would defend the right of any qualified individuals to form a PAC to exercise their First Amendment rights, but a few of the gentlemen associated with this particular PAC are at least as well-known as corporate lobbyists as conservationists.  Perhaps they could be more explicit about their "conservation" agenda.  What, for instance, is meant by "practical conservation priniciples" that distinguishes this PAC's agenda from the timber industry agenda? 

William Tobler wrote:
Looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing moving in amongst the flock.
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Subject: E-M:/ Conservation leaders form political action committee

Bobier is upfront about the differences he sees between the conservation PAC and more environmentally minded groups.
"I don't want to create a split between the conservation and environmental communities, but we have to be practical and the idea is to find candidates who will apply practical conservation principles," he said "They must have an appreciation of the utilization of working land. They have to know that all forests are not preserves, that you have to cut timber to keep it healthy."