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Re: E-M:/ Conservation leaders form political action committee

Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>

Yes, this PAC is probably a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The question of postwildfire logging is another example of where political proxies are interfering with science to suppress data that do not support their agenda (which I believe in this case reflects outdated ideas on forest management). That story appears as an editorial in the March-3 issue of the journal Science (Kennedy, Editor-in-chief, The mailbag, Science 311: 1213, 2006). It is important for the Public, especially environmentalists to be aware of/understand this problem.

Basically, Donato et al. reported in Science (Science 2006: 311:352) that post-wildfire logging hinders regeneration and increases fire risk. And, that does not even consider the likely introduction and encouragement of invasive species by the equipment and unnatural disturbance (my addition). These findings are of quite a lot of scientific interest, and it should noted that the authors had to be quite confident of their data because it would have to pass careful reviewer scrutiny as well as a lot of follow up study by others. I have been through this process (successfully as author and reviewer) with Science and Nature many times.

The Donato et al paper comes mostly out of the Department of Forest Science at Oregon State University, and when senior members of the Department of Forest Engineering got wind of this paper, they tried to persuade the Editor of Science to block its publication. In another journal and a different environment, they might well have succeeded. Even more remarkable, someone persuaded the Bureau of Land Management to withdraw their support for the Donato group at at OSU (a probable death sentence for the research), but that action has been reversed.

I have to commend the journal Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science for getting many cases of attempted suppression out into public view.

PS. If you think this is interesting, then you will find the activity surrounding evolution and the ageing of the Earth/universe very interesting, but that's off topic. Except possibly for the old Soviet Union, I think we have not seen equal attempts to steer science since Galileo.

--On Sunday, April 09, 2006 10:47 PM -0400 William Tobler <williamtobler@critterswoods.org> wrote:

Looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing moving in amongst the flock.

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Conservation leaders form political action committee

Bobier is upfront about the differences he sees between the conservation
PAC and more environmentally minded groups.

"I don't want to create a split between the conservation and
environmental communities, but we have to be practical and the idea is to
find candidates who will apply practical conservation principles," he
said "They must have an appreciation of the utilization of working land.
They have to know that all forests are not preserves, that you have to
cut timber to keep it healthy."


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