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E-M:/ Lansing State Journal "gets it" on Animal Factory Polluter Bills

Kudos to the Lansing State Journal for publishing a thoughtful editorial opposing the Animal Factory Polluter bills (HB 5711-5716) currently before the House.  “In the end, however, the Michigan Legislature should shy away from bills that shift the focus of environmental guardianship form DEQ to other agencies that have mixed responsibilities.”




Farm bills: Legislature unwise to back bills built on distrust of DEQ

A Lansing State Journal editorial

Reading a package of bills being pushed by the Michigan Farm Bureau, state legislators should be struck by a disturbing tone: a fundamental lack of trust between farming interests and state officials who work for all of us.

House Bills 5711-16 are touted by the bureau as a way to encourage better environmental stewardship from Michigan farmers. There are some encouraging aspects in this legislation, but the House should not just rubber-stamp these bills.



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