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E-M:/ Enemy of the planet

Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>

That's what Paul Krugman, an columnist for the NY Times, called Exxon Mobil in an article published on pg A7 in the April-19 issue of the Ann Arbor News. This article probably appears in other area newspapers and can be found by searching their websites. Strong stuff? Yes. Justified?

His main criticism was their support for the Global Climate Coalition, a disinformation unit that spreads doubt about global warming like the tobacco companies did years ago for smoking. It is important for the nonscientific communities to be aware of these activities. A lot of folks have been deceived by this propaganda. The scientific communities have been discussing these problems for years, and it was worse back in the 1980s. What differs now is that the white house has actively inserted political proxies into agencies like NASA to control the flow of climate research data to the public (all documented in Science).

Shell and BP, both Europe-based, have backed out of this coalition and are seriously pursuing alternative energy sources. The Europeans feel pretty strongly about global warming. Guess which companies/countries are going to lead the next wave of technology? This is reminiscent of the US auto companies in the early 1960s. Do we have good leadership? Judge for yourself.

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