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E-M:/ Another Earth Day Message Not To Forget

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

In 1950 the population of the United States was 150
million people. By Earth Day 2006 we have doubled that
population in our country to about 300 million people.
Because immigration legal, quasi-legal, and illegal is
running so high, America could well add another 200
million people by 2050 reaching a total population of
500 million.

Going from 150 to 300 million has produced massive
habitat loss and degradation in America with many
critical natural resources under great strain. [It is
important to remember that the population impact of
America spreads devastation to more than just our
country. At least 40% of our eco-footprint falls on
other peoples and countries in the World.] Suburban
and exurban sprawl has just exploded and we have a
huge global warming problem. What will adding another
200 million to America do to our country and the rest
of the World in less than 50 years?

It is time for environmentalists to ask our nation's
leaders to adopt a population stabilization program
that quickly puts our country on a course for zero
population growth. Without it temporary environmental
gains whenever they do occur in the long run will be

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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