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E-M:/ Michigan's UP; Top 10 Destination at risk

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan was just listed as one of MSN Travel’s Top 10 Summer Destinations in the WORLD! (alongside places like Capri, Russia and the Greek Islands).


Read the article at: http://travel.msn.com/Guides/article.aspx?cp-documentid=345882


Compiled by ShermansTravel editorial staff, the article says in part:


10. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Head to the refreshing Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where majestic wildlife, unspoiled rivers, waterfalls and dense forests abound. Blessed with some 1700 miles of shoreline along three of the Great Lakes—Superior, Michigan and Huron—it should come as no surprise that fishing, canoeing, and camping are prime activities here, with moose, bears, and beavers as common companions. The region's strong Native American and French Canadian heritage are experienced everywhere as well; enclaves with names like Sault Ste-Marie and bridges like the Mackinac hearken back to the days of the earliest settlers. You'll probably feel like one of North America's earliest explorers yourself as you paddle the waterways here and set up camp in the woods.”

As many of you already know, this region is in jeopardy! Add your voice to the many already calling on the state to deny a flawed permit application to open a risky, sulfide-based nickel mine in the UP. You can help assure that the “Eagle application” is denied by submitting your questions and comments to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality during the public comment period, which runs until May 17.
Michigan has laws and rules strong enough to prohibit a harmful mine. By asking questions and raising concerns, local residents can help demonstrate that the application does not satisfy the law, which says the applicant must demonstrate that the proposed mine would not pollute, impair or destroy our state’s natural resources.
Read more about the Eagle application at: http://www.mich.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3311_4111_18442-130551--,00.html
Read more about making effective comments at: http://www.mecprotects.org/mine_comments.pdf
And most importantly, send your written comments to:
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality  
Office of Geological Survey   
525 W. Allegan,   
P. O. Box 30256  
Lansing, MI 489097756
Alternatively, you can send email comments to Steven E. Wilson - wilsonse@michigan.gov  


Thanks, and enjoy your summer in the U.P!


Brad Garmon | Land Programs Director | Michigan Environmental Council

Ph. 517-487-9539 | Fax 517-487-9541

Email: bradmec@voyager.net

MEC: Protecting Michigan's Land, Air and Water for 25 Years