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Re: E-M:/ 2006 Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Applications Now Availa...

One example of the LWCF recreational funds greatly helping the public is the case of Fisherman Landing a large boat launch and campground on Muskegon Lake.  One important stipulation of LWCF funds is the land or recreational opportunities must remain "public" for ever.  In the case of FL, local developers and corrupt politicians had their sights on the 23-acres of Muskegon lakeshore for condo and misc developments.  Fortunately back in 1976 city Muskegon had used a LWCF grant for recreational upgrades not connected with the original purchase of the land.  That one LWCF grant saved the "Public Trust" for our access to Muskegon Lake which is much more valuable now than we realized back in 1976.  That important "forever" clause is very important.  There is much more to this story of the fight to save FL for the public, but that would require a chapter for a future book.