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E-M:/ Clean Water Authority Restoration Act - Please sign on!

Dear Michigan Environmental Groups -
In Michigan, important water resources have already lost Clean Water Act protection.  Several miles of headwater streams have been declared off-limits for federal protection by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and protection has been removed from many of Michigan's wetlands, lakes and other waters.  The effect of this guidance could remove federal protection from an estimated 930,856 acres of wetlands that are not physically connected to lakes or streams.  This acreage represents approximately 17 percent of Michigan wetland resources.  Moreover, approximately 271,534 of these acres lack even state protection.  


Michigan has 51,438 miles of streams and the health of these streams correlates directly to the health of rivers and the Great Lakes.  Of these, half are intermittent (they only run part of the year).  Due to the guidance and because the term "isolated" is not defined, these streams may lose protection threatening the health of our magnificent, yet vulnerable, Great Lakes.  In addition, some 26, 384 inland lakes and ponds in Michigan have no inlet or outlet, or have an inlet only, and are thus isolated from stream systems.  The current federal guidance may also remove federal protection from these waters depending upon how the term "navigable" is defined.


The attached letter will be sent to the Michigan federal delegation in the House and Senate.  Please take a few minutes to read it and give us permission to include your group in the sign on.  Please reply to jenniferm@watershedcouncil.org by next Wednesday, May 3 so we have time to get it distributed as part of a coordinated, national effort.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  




Grenetta Thomassey, PhD
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Jennifer McKay, Policy Specialist
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
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