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E-M:/ May Energy Education Opportunities

The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association invites you to take advantage of quality energy education this May by attending one (or more!) of our renewable energy seminars.  Interested in registering or learning more about one of the seminars listed below?  If so, visit www.glrea.org, or call the GLREA office at 1-800-434-9788.
May 6 - Intermediate Wind Energy Seminar
This course will focus on small business and residential size wind turbines.  It will begin with the basics covered in our introductory seminar on wind energy.  An overview of the basics of wind energy, types of systems, and turbine siting concerns will be presented.  In the remainder of the class turbine technology will be looked at more closely, and some sample systems will be reviewed. The economics of wind systems will also be discussed. 
Location:  GLREA Energy Center, Dimondale
Cost:  $55 Non-member/$40 Member
May 13 - Introductory Renewable Energy Seminars
These seminars offer the chance to learn more about three of the most common types of renewable energy:  Solar Thermal Heating, Solar Electricity, and Wind Electricity.  Three separate seminars answer some of the frequently asked questions about these types of energy and how they work in Michigan.  System siting, installation, economics, and more will be discussed.  Participants will also learn how to take advantage of solar energy tax credits in 2006 and 2007.
Location:  Environmental House, Ann Arbor
Cost: $20-50 (Varies from depending on number of seminars taken)

Brendan Schauffler
Program Coordinator
Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association
257 S. Bridge St.
P.O. Box 346
Dimondale, MI 48821

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