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E-M:/ Announcing Environment Michigan!



I wanted to make sure that you all knew about an exciting development at PIRGIM, the Public Interest Research Group In Michigan.  As you likely know, PIRGIM works hard to give the people of Michigan a voice on a range of critically important issues, especially those where powerful special interests stand in the way of reform.  After careful thought and planning, we have concluded that the best way to advance all of our work — for consumers, good government and the environment — is to separate our organization into two distinct groups. Environment Michigan will be the new home of PIRGIM’s environmental work beginning on May 1.  Meanwhile, PIRGIM will continue to be a strong and independent voice for Michigan consumers on major issues like financial privacy, corporate abuses, government ethics and the high cost of energy.


In many ways, this step just acknowledges reality.  So much of our recent work has been on environmental issues that many people already perceive us as an environmental group.  Therefore, taking that work and putting it under a clear environmental banner is a logical next step for us. Over time, we believe that our environmental work will benefit from such clarity, and that PIRGIM’s focus on consumer protection and good government will make it easier for people to understand, allowing PIRGIM to have a clear voice of its own after the separation.


To implement this plan, program staff Kelly Dardzinski, Jason Barbose, Abby Rubley, and I will move to Environment Michigan, and David Pettit will continue as PIRGIM’s consumer advocate.  We expect to expand staff for both organizations in the near future.  We’ll continue to share office space and our vast citizen outreach staff and capacity, but Environment Michigan will have a new phone number and program staff email addresses (although messages will be forwarded in the short-term).  See the end of this e-mail for new contact info.


Environment Michigan looks forward to building on the momentum generated by recent successes in protecting our water and promoting clean energy by launching our ambitious Million Acres Project, with a goal of permanently protecting one million acres of Michigan’s most pristine forests and waterways from threats such as rampant development, sulfide mining, pollution from oil and gas drilling, and irresponsible logging.  We will also be continuing to move Michigan into a new energy future by demonstrating that we can meet our energy needs through energy efficiency and home-grown renewables, not expensive new power plants that run on imported, dirty coal.  Finally, we will continue to build on our ongoing involvement to protect the Great Lakes from water diversions, mercury contamination, sewage dumping and a wide range of other water quality and quantity threats. For more information on any of these issues, check out our new website – www.environmentmichigan.org.


We look forward to working with you to make these visions a reality in the months to come.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our separation or any of our program areas.




Mike Shriberg, Ph.D.

Environment Michigan Director



Program Staff Contacts:

Mike Shriberg, Environment Michigan Director

(734) 662-9797



Kelly Dardzinski, Environment Michigan Advocate

(517) 664-2600



Abby Rubley, Environment Michigan Great Lakes Advocate

(734) 662-9124



Jason Barbose, Environment Michigan Field Organizer

(734) 662-9797



David Pettit, PIRGIM Consumer Associate

(734) 662-6597