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E-M:/ N.E.T. statement on CAFE hearing

Enviro-Mich message from Vicki Levengood <vleven@ameritech.net>

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 
May 3, 2006                                           

Kymberly Escobar, 202.887.8814
Vicki Levengood, 517.333.5786

Statement of Kevin S. Curtis, Vice President, National
Environmental Trust, on today?s CAFE hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? This morning, the House of
Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee held a
hearing on legislation that would give the president
authority to overhaul passenger vehicle fuel economy

?The president doesn?t lack authority; he lacks the
will to act, and Congress can?t give him that.  It
can, however, step up to fill the leadership void by
passing strong fuel economy standards this year. 

?Drivers would be saving hundreds of dollars this year
if President Bush used the authority he already has to
raise fuel economy standards when he first took

?Today?s hearing is just an excuse for election-year
environmentalists to talk about CAFE without doing
anything that could upset the U.S. auto industry. 
Politicians spent the last three decades catering to
Detroit, and all we have to show for it is falling
market share and rising pain at the pump.?


President Bush has asked Congress for authority to
revise our nation?s CAFE standards, but his proposed
changes guarantee neither oil savings nor increased

According to calculations by the National
Environmental Trust, had President Bush started a
decade-long phase-in of a 36 mile-per-gallon standard
for cars and light trucks shortly after he took
office, the average vehicle would already be saving
114 gallons of gas this year.  At today?s gas prices,
that amounts to $338.13 saved at the pump this year
alone. Full methodology and background for these
figures are available.

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