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E-M:/ National Forests on the Chopping Block

Dear Sierra Club Supporter,

We need your immediate help to stop a terrible travesty - the Bush Administration has proposed selling off 800,000 acres of our National Forests and public lands - literally handing our forests to the highest bidder.

This extreme scheme puts special places in our National Forests in 35 states up for grabs - ready to be snatched up by the timber industry, real estate developers, even Big Oil... whoever is willing to pay the most.

There is absolutely no reason why the world's biggest economic power should have to sell off our National Forests to make ends meet. But we need your immediate support to help protect our public lands and rare wild forests from these plans! Send a much needed donation to the Sierra Club right now.

From coast to coast, this wholesale assault threatens our few remaining old-growth forests... the forests of the Southern Appalachian Mountains... the beautiful hardwood forests of the Great Lakes region... the San Juan National Forest in Colorado... the magnificent ponderosa forests in Arizona and New Mexico.

Although four past Forest Service Chiefs have spoken out against this proposal, and editorial boards across the country have opposed it, the Bush Administration is still pressing ahead with its plans to sell off these special places.

But these plans are incredibly destructive - and with your help we can stop them. Demand that the Bush Administration stop playing auctioneer with our nation's public lands and start managing National Forests with our future generations in mind.

Your contribution will support the Sierra Club and its campaign to preserve these wildlands. With your help the Sierra Club will be able to oppose the destructive proposals that would destroy or sell off our last wild and ancient forests to commercial logging companies as well as support the Sierra Club's other efforts to protect our land, air, water and wildlife.

Thank you for your support.

Carl Pope
Executive Director

P.S. We CAN stop this tragedy from occurring. We've done it before, and we can do it again. But to succeed, we really need your help. Our strength is only as great as the number of Americans who support us. And with your help, we can win this and many other battles. So please support the Sierra Club by donating today.


Sierra Club
85 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

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