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E-M:/ Birding Activities Planned for Project GO-Get Outdoors

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May 18, 2006

CONTACT: Glenn Palmgren 517-373-7844 or Colleen Steinman 517-373-0399						
Birding Activities Planned for Project GO-Get Outdoors

Birdwatchers are invited to spend time outdoors observing birds at Michigan's state parks and recreation areas during Project GO-Get Outdoors/Free Fishing Weekend on June 10-11.

Birdwatchers of all skill levels can spend a few hours at any of the 97 state parks and recreation areas on June 10 or 11 and report your sightings. Experienced birders could organize guided hikes with local clubs or friends. At any level of participation, participants will show support for these unique pieces of land and help to increase everyone's knowledge of the use of state parks and recreation areas by birds during the breeding season.

"We're encouraging people to keep a list of all the birds they find in each park that weekend, noting the dates, times, and name and experience level of those who participated," said Glenn Palmgren, DNR parks ecologist. "This information will help guide better management of specific sites in the future."

A bird checklist that can be used for this Project GO weekend is available on the DNR Web site (www.michigan.gov/dnr) by clicking on the Recreation & Camping link, then clicking GO-Get Outdoors.

Experienced birders participating in the Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II are encouraged to complete one or more of their point counts or complete an atlas block survey that falls within a state park or recreation area on June 10 or 11.
The 2006 International Piping Plover Census (http://fresc.usgs.gov/products/ppl) is scheduled for June 3-16. Volunteers who plan to be at a state park that may have piping plovers during Project GO are asked to consider coordinating with the piping plover census to ensure a more accurate count of these endangered plovers on Michigan's Great Lakes shorelines.

For questions, or to send in your checklist after the Project GO event, please contact DNR Parks Ecologist Glenn Palmgren at (517) 373-7844 or by e-mail at palmgreg@michigan.gov.

The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural resources for current and future generations.


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