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E-M:/ Michigan parkland on the chopping block

Enviro-Mich message from LuAnne Kozma <luanne_kozma@yahoo.com>


More on the violation of the public trust, and sale of
public lands being sold off to the highest bidder
right here at home--

Below are the links to today's articles in the Detroit
News and the Detroit Free Press about the Proud Lake
State Recreation Area parkland being fast-tracked
outside of the Land Consolidation Strategy. 

DNR staff and Mr. Keith Charters, chair of the NRC,
gave an update on the strategy to senators at a
committee meeting earlier this week, which I attended.
 I heard the DNR's  power point presentation, talking
about inholdings, wanting to sell off "small" parcels
here and there, and how totally public it was. A
clever graphic showed replacing a 40-acre outholding
with a 40-acre inholding. When asked if there was any
controversy and if they were listening to the public,
Mr. Charters replied that the NRC (or he) has  "thick

If the public could trust the DNR, the State of
Michigan, and Legislators again to hang onto the
parkland the public owns, maybe some of those
inholding owners would gladly donate to a careful
steward like the State of Michigan, knowing that for
all time, they would keep the land a park.

The articles:

Laura Berman's column: State recreation area land sale
may violate public's trust

Detroit News May 18, 2006

Sides clash over land's possibilities
Commerce Twp. residents see rare open space, but DNR
looks to sell   

Detroit Free Press May 18, 2006

Parks for Sale?  Detroit Free Press editorial

LuAnne Kozma
Defense of Place

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