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E-M:/ May 25 A Black Day for the Environment and American Environmentalism

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

On May 25, the US Senate blithely voted 62 to 36 to
add upwards of 100 million foreign immigrants to the
American population over the next 20 years in a
so-called immigration reform bill. Just like 1986,
this bill grants amnesty to illegal immigrants but
instead of three million illegal aliens getting
amnesty as in 1986, the number today could go as high
as 20 million. Whatever the actual number turns out to
be, amnesty for today's illegal aliens will be a huge
inducement for future illegal immigration. There will
be no surprise in 10 years when our country has
another new 20 or 30 million illegal immigrants
clamoring for amnesty again. 

The environment and American Environmentalism has
suffered a major defeat in this Senate action. If you
have high economic growth, extravagant levels of
consumption, and a rapidly growing population as we
have in America today, what chance do you have
stopping or even slowing major environmental
degradation in both America proper and the world as a
whole? Looking at matters realistically and using
commonsense suggests not much. 

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ps. Senate Democrats including Carl Levin nearly
unanimously (4 exceptions including Debbie Stabenow)
voted to stand shoulder to shoulder with President
George Bush and corporate interests in demanding high
immigration and cheap labor. Wal-Mart, Microsoft,
McDonald's, Developers and the Construction Industry
will be very well pleased with this outcome since
their labor costs will continue to decline. Ah
progress. Maybe the auto industry can get into this
'good' thing of importing cheap foreign labor. A
solution for the troubles of GM and Ford?

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