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Re: E-M:/ May 25 A Black Day for the Environment and American Environmentalism

Enviro-Mich message from Ishgooda <ishgooda@voyager.net>

I am Wendat....define "illegal".

At 11:57 AM 05/26/2006, Roger Kuhlman wrote:
>Roger Kuhlman
>Ann Arbor, Michigan
>Ps. Senate Democrats including Carl Levin nearly
>unanimously (4 exceptions including Debbie Stabenow)
>voted to stand shoulder to shoulder with President
>George Bush and corporate interests in demanding high
>immigration and cheap labor. Wal-Mart, Microsoft,
>McDonald's, Developers and the Construction Industry
>will be very well pleased with this outcome since
>their labor costs will continue to decline. Ah
>progress. Maybe the auto industry can get into this
>'good' thing of importing cheap foreign labor. A
>solution for the troubles of GM and Ford?

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