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Enviro-Mich message from jmgear@acd.net

  If everyone on the EnviroMich list asked for 
Carbonfund.org to be added to their workplace giving program 
(or asked EarthShare of Michigan to add it), we could help 
create a nice opportunity for everyone in Michigan to do 
their bit to fight global warming in a painless way.

  Of course, you need not wait for a workplace giving 
program to neutralize your own CO2 emissions at 
carbonfund.org.  They have a nice calculator on their 
website-- a few seconds with your utility bills and you can 
compute your own direct and indirect CO2 emissions and then 
neutralize them.

Ask your HR dept: Add Carbonfund.org to the workplace 
charitable giving campaign

This morning on the bus to work I realized that really 
getting broader acceptance for CO2 reduction requires that 
people be able to buy carbon offsets tax-deductibly through 
payroll deduction.

Carbonfund.org is a nonprofit. Thus, what we need is to 
connect Carbonfund with EarthShare, which conducts workplace 
giving campaigns (a la the United Way) for member charities, 
which are all enviro groups.

Contact Carbonfund and EarthShare and tell them that you 
want to be able to buy your carbon offsets through your 
company's payroll deduction. Then sign up to neutralize your 
carbon emissions.

You'll be doing us all a world of good.
(posted at http://www.peakoillansingmi.blogspot.com/)

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