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E-M:/ U.S. Supreme Court muzzles whistleblowers

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>

Anyone who remembers the Engler years in Michigan also remembers that honorable public servants speaking up against abuses of power in DNR and DEQ saved the day in many ways.

Now comes the U.S. Supreme Court this week, in the first vote decided by Justice Alito, sharply narrowing federal (and perhaps state?) whistleblower protections:

The Supreme Court just seriously scaled back whistleblower's rights in a 5-4 decision. See:

From the AP:
" In a victory for the Bush administration, justices said the 20 million public employees do not have free speech protection for what they say as part of their jobs."<

This affects what the 20 million they say off of their job time too. It's as though they have been forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement which are common in the private sector. Given the rampant governmental surveillance and spying abuses on citizens that exists already, this new decision is likely to seriously hinder governmental accountability efforts

Environmentalists who work for government can still tell their stories and seek redress of grievances (First Amendment language) by going to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, PEER, who will protect their identities. For more on PEER see:

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