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Re: E-M:/ U.S. Supreme Court muzzles whistleblowers

I won my bet that Justice Alito would rule against the whistleblowers and protection of "Public Trust".  As GW Bush would say, "Mission accomplished."  Bush's court appointee was specifically put in place to cover up the corruption of government and promote Bush's policies.  After all Bush can't allow government employees exposing his waste spending, corrupt policies, or criminal activities.
This email was sent to me yesterday (before the supreme court ruling) by a fisherman as a related situation on West coast salmon.  Not only are whistleblowers censored, but also biologist just commenting on positive developments.

SEATTLE -- The Bush administration -- having made it hard for federal scientists to talk publicly about global warming -- appears to have decided that loose lips are also bad when they talk about salmon.

The Washington office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- the agency responsible for protecting endangered salmon -- has instructed its representatives and scientists in the West to route media questions about salmon back to headquarters. Only three people in the entire agency, all of them political appointees, are now authorized to speak of salmon, according to a NOAA employee who has been silenced on the fish.

The order was issued the day after an article appeared last month in The Washington Post quoting federal technocrats making positive statements about two recent decisions -- one by a federal judge, the other by federal scientists -- that challenged previous Bush administration policy about protecting salmon in the troubled Klamath River, which flows out of Oregon into California.

The judge, in a direct repudiation of administration policy, ruled that federal water managers, to protect fish during drought years, must limit the amount of water removed from the Klamath for irrigation farmers