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This ran in last Sunday's LSJ. He didn't have room to mention it, but if you really want to neutralize the damage you do with your energy usage, check out www.carbonfund.org.

*Sunday's letters to the editor*
*Withhold applause*

Thanks to the LSJ (June 10 editorial, "Power customers go green") for reporting on Consumers Energy's program that lets customers pay extra for electricity from renewable sources.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light has a similar program.
While these utilities deserve some credit for these programs, they are minuscule compared to the commitment needed to address global climate change. Furthermore, these programs place the burden on consumers, while the companies bask in green-PR hype. Look how responsible we are!

Well, no, the customers make the sacrifice, not the utilities. Truly responsible utilities would commit to supplying a reasonable, yet challenging, percentage of energy from renewables, say 20 percent, absorbing its costs by operating more efficiently. Furthermore, they'd divert expenditures from the slick marketing they do on existing programs to supplying renewable power.

Until this happens, I reserve my praise for the committed customers, not the utilities.

James Gray

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