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E-M:/ More on Wildlife/Windpower meeting

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 From Rich_Greenwood@fws.gov
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service....

We still have a few, less than 30 openings to register for our "Towards
Wildlife Friendly Wind Power: A Focus on the Great Lakes Conference" next
week, June 27 - 29, Toledo.   Interest is high, over-flow lodging
arrangements have been made at the special conference rate at nearby
hotels.   We also have limited remaining display/poster space available.
These and other conference updates can be found on our conference web site:

 We hope you can join us for this first ever conference totally dedicated
to wildlife and habitat aspects of wind energy development.   We have
assembled the lead experts from around the world to present and participate
in the interactive panels with you.  Don't forget to bring your copy of "
Birds of North America: A Guide to Field Identification", so you can have
it signed by the author, Dr. Chandler Robbins, the special guest speaker at
our Tuesday night dinner event.

â??Why is this important conference being held?  The conference is in
response to the only recommendation the Government Accountability Office
(GAO) made in its 2005 report entitled:  Wind Power:  Impacts on Wildlife
and Government Responsibilities for Regulating Development and Protecting
Wildlife.  That recommendation was:  â??The GAO recommends that the U.S. Fish
& Wildlife Service provide state and local regulatory agencies with
information on the potential wildlife impacts from wind power and the
resources available to help make decisions about where wind power
development should be approved.â??  We hope the day after the conference will
be a bit different than the day before and that this conference will help
shape the future.â??  -- Alex Hoar, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, â??Towards
Wildlife Friendly Wind Power: A Focus on the Great Lakes Steering Committee

               Toward Wildlife Friendly Wind Power: A Focus
                            On The Great Lakes
       Conference Overview:  Expected Outcomes ­ Charge ­ Next Stepteps
Not to discuss the merits of wind power, but through this unique and first
ever conference dedicated to addressing wildlife issues associated with
wind power, focus on:
? Communnicating information about potential wildlife concerns of wind power
? Sharing resources available tto help make informed decisions about where
wind power facilities should be located
? Advancing knowledge of laand-based and offshore wind and wildlife,
including impacts to wildlife, tools and techniques, risk and impact
assessment, laws and regulations, siting protocols, and pre- and post-
? Developing consistent researrch and management approaches for resource
managers, regulators, scientists, decision makers, the wind energy
industry, conservationists, elected officials and other stakeholders
                             Expected Outcomes
Collaboratively identify and advance the means to:
?  Better coordinate and communicate issues, concerns, and opportunities for
? Develop consistent andd consensus guidance, techniques, and approaches for
wind energy siting, and both pre- and post- project monitoring and
? Compile and build consensus on prriority research and information needs.
? Identify, commpile, and provide fish, wildlife, and habitat information
and data to allow development of geospatial data layers and maps to inform
locations areas of high risk to wildlife to better inform wind energy
siting decisions. Note examples in this folder.
? Determine a â??call to acttionâ??, your recommendations for the next steps
                            Charge to Attendees
Keeping in mind our hoped for outcomes above, glean and ponder the
information presented to develop your ideas and questions to share in our
interactive summary panel session discussions.  Take advantage of this
amazing group of expert presenters, panelists, and other participants we
have gathered to network, and explore ideas.
           Next Steps Determined By Your Input & Recommendations
Based on your input, following the conference we will be conducting several
follow-up actions and revising our resource tool products for you.
Presentation abstracts, conference proceedings, revised and updated
wildlife-wind tools and resources in this folder, and other needs you
identify, will be compiled on a post-conference CD for you and other
stakeholders, and also posted on our Towards Wildlife Friendly Wind Power
Conference Web Site: http://www.fws.gov/midwest/greatlakes/windpower.htm
We will be seeking your feedback on, and input for, updating and improving
the resource tools in this folder and our Towards Wildlife Friendly Wind
Power Web Site.   We also will be working with you to take steps to prepare
for the opportunity presented by the
â??Continuing the Dialogue and Next Steps Towards Wildlife Friendly Wind
Power in the Great Lakes Basin Workshopâ?? at the November 2006 State of the
Great Lakes Ecosystem Conference in Milwaukee (note SOLEC Fact Sheet with
this Workshop information in the conference folder).


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