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E-M:/ Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Global Warming Lawsuit...


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June 26, 2006                                                                  Mike Shriberg, Director, 734-662-9797



Environment Michigan Hails Supreme Court’s Decision to Consider Major Global Warming Lawsuit


Washington, DC—The Supreme Court agreed today to consider whether the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a duty to regulate global warming pollution.  The decision could affect emissions from cars and trucks as well as power plants.


“The effects of global warming are clear and evident, yet we continue to pump unlimited amounts of global warming pollution into our air.  We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to consider this case.  It’s long past due for EPA to crack down on global warming pollution,” said Environment Michigan Director Mike Shriberg.


At issue is the US EPA’s refusal to regulate the gases that cause global climate change under the Clean Air Act.  EPA claims that it lacks that authority and, regardless of authorization, it prefers not to regulate greenhouse gas emissions because of scientific “uncertainty”.


“EPA’s position is untenable and nonsensical.  Clearly, global warming pollution is a form of pollution that affects public health and welfare.  Clearly, the scientific consensus is in.  The only thing lacking is the political will to act to stop the greatest threat that our planet faces,” said Shriberg.


Environment Michigan – through our Washington-based advocacy office (US PIRG) – is a party in the case, along with a coalition of states and other environmental and public interest organizations.




Environment Michigan – the new home for PIRGIM’s environmental work – is a statewide non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization.  www.environmentmichigan.org