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E-M:/ SIERRA Magazine features Rusty Gates of Anglers of the Au Sable

Sierra Club’s national magazine, SIERRA, reports on Rusty Gates and the fight over blocking drilling at the Mason Tract:


Angling for a Healthy River
A fly fisherman wades in to save the Au Sable
by Marilyn Berlin Snell

According to lodge owner Rusty Gates, gas drilling near the Au Sable will ruin the fly fishers' experiences: "This is their head time, and they don't want people messing with it."

"Trout don't live in ugly places," announces Rusty Gates from behind the counter of his tackle shop on the south bank of the Au Sable River. If this lushly wooded bit of Michigan's middle section is any indication, he's right. Designated as one of America's wild and scenic rivers, the Au Sable gently weaves through a wonderland of red pine, white oak, osprey, bald eagles, and tall grasses animated by whirring, iridescent bugs. Beauty, tranquility, and awesome fishing spots are its higher themes.



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