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E-M:/ Update and Urgent Action on Animal Factory Polluter Bills

The Michigan House today began to consider the Animal Factory Polluter Bills (HB 5711-5717), which would exempt large animal factory farms from regulation of their sewage discharges, allowing them to use Michigan’s waters as sewers for animal waste, and posing significant threats to our waterways and public health. The House stopped abruptly on the first bills after a substitute bill was offered.  A record roll call vote is pending on that substitute bill.  


The substitute bill reflects a compromise that had been worked out in negotiations between the Sierra Club, Michigan Environmental Council, Farm Bureau, state agencies and the Governor's office.  The bill would require Clean Water Act permits for large animal factory farms that produce and discharge the same amount of sewage as medium-sized cites but have no treatment capabilities to kill potentially harmful pathogens.


More action on is expected tomorrow.       


Now is a critical time to contact House members. The vote is SO CLOSE on this issue that the House has been stopped in its tracks twice! Numerous Republican legislators (including yours) can make or break the vote on this package of bills. We need you to call Representatives this evening or tomorrow by 1pm!  

Ask them to:

  • Please OPPOSE House Bills 5711-5716 as they were passed out of committee.
  • Please SUPPORT the substitute bills that that were negotiated by the Farm Bureau and the environmental community. This package of substitute bills gives both sides most of what they want.


In addition to your own Representative, please call the following key legislators:


  • Rep. Fran Amos (Waterford) – (517) 373-0615
  • Rep. Dick Ball (Owosso) – (517) 373-0841
  • Rep. David Farhat (Muskegon) – (517) 373-3436
  • Rep. Ed Gaffney (Grosse Pointe Farms) – (517) 373-0154
  • Rep. Roger Kahn (Saginaw) – (517) 373-0837
  • Rep. Jim Marleau (Lake Orion) – (517) 373-1798
  • Rep. Tom Meyer (Bad Axe) – (517) 373-0476
  • Rep. John Stewart (Plymouth) – (517) 373-3816
  • Rep. David Palsrock (Manistee) – (517) 373-0825


Thank you!



Kate Madigan

Deputy Policy Director

Michigan Environmental Council

119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A

Lansing, MI 48912

517-487-3606 x21