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E-M:/ Ambassador Joe Wilson at Marcinkowski fundraiser

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

For those who've not been happy about Congressman 
Mike Rogers' votes on environmental issues, such as 
his national sponsoring leadership against state food safety and 
labelling laws....you have a chance to meet his expected
opponent in the 2006 election race in the fall, Jim Marcinkowski....

He's holding a fundraiser [suggested donation of $100;
see RSVP in message below] on 
Wednesday evening at the East Lansing Marriott Inn.   
He'll be hosting a reception for, and you'll have a chance to meet
and hear,  both Marcinkowski and Ambassador Joe Wilson, 
who is a real hero in my book.   I thought many of the 
folks in the Lansing area on the list might be interested in hearing about this event.

Regards, Alex Sagady
Marcinkowski,  Democrat for U.S. Congress
June 28, 2006
Dear Friend,
President Bush and the extreme elements of the Republican Party have used the War in Iraq as a political issue to be won, rather than a national security issue that affects us all.  No one knows this better than Ambassador Joe Wilson.  When this career foreign service officer bravely spoke out against the War in Iraq, the Administration retaliated by publicizing the covert identity of his wife, undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame.  The Administration?s action endangers the safety of Ms. Plame and other undercover CIA agents who work every day to keep American safe; it also weakens our national security.
Joe Wilson is an American hero.
On Wednesday, June 28, Joe Wilson will be at East Lansing Marriott Inn, 300 MAC Ave., to tell his story and help us unseat Mike Rogers.  Ambassador Wilson understands that Democrats must regain control of Congress to hold the President accountable for his actions.  Come hear Joe Wilson speak and help us take back control of this country by attending a reception in his honor that will help our campaign.
The suggested donation for this event is $100 per person for the General Reception, 6:00-7:30pm in the University Ballroom and $500 per person for the Host Reception.  If you cannot attend the event, please contribute at least $100 to our campaign.  We must take back control of the Congress, and it can only be done with your donations and support.
Please RSVP by calling our Brighton office, (810) 229-3005.
We can do better. We must do better. We need you, now.
Jim Marcinkowski
Democrat for Congress, 8th District
P.S. Please come and welcome Ambassador Joe Wilson to Michigan.  Your support and contribution will help us put the country back on the right track. 

Campaign Supporters:

Bob & Julie Horn Alexander
Susan Anderson
Joan Bauer
Jim Bebermeyer
Carmen & Tony Benavides
Lyle Birchman
Mike Bryanton
Rep. Dianne Byrum
Joe & Kathy Carney
Karissa Chabot
Denise Chrysler & Paul Pratt
Dale Copedge
Pat Curran & Bob Kennon
John Downing
Pamela Zeller Drake
Catherine & Ron Ellis
Matt Ferguson
Penny Gardner
George & Helen Griffiths
Curtis Hertel
Elinor Holbrook
Jerry Hollister
Dianne Holman
Evan Hope
Paula Johnson
Lynn Jondahl
Mary & Pat Lindemann
Art Luna
Lynne Martinez
Bruce McAttee
Mark Meadows
David Mittleman
Beth Monteith
Winifred Motherwell
Gina Nelson
Nadine Nosal
Mary Pollock
Derrick Quinney
John Revitte
Heather Ricketts
Tom Rico
Griffin Rivers
Shirley Rodgers
Eric Schertzing
Chris Tiny Sherwood
Henry Silverman
Jim Sjoberg
Josh Smith
Larry & Rosemary Smith
Chris Swope
Penelope Tsernoglou
Nathan Triplett
Sen. Gretchen Whitmer
Winston Williams, Jr
Sandy Zerkle
 and hundreds more

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