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E-M:/ Watch the Legislature



With the Legislature planning to wind up its regular weekly sessions for summer break this week, this is a fine time to watch what actually goes on in the House or Senate.  The House is meeting this afternoon (Wednesday, June 28, 2006) and can be watched by going to http://www.house.mi.gov/htv.asp and clicking on Watch or Listen (there is a link to RealOne software on the site so you can download the free software to connect in).


Like any spectator sport, you need a program to keep track of the players and the activities.  The daily Calendar for the House is findable at  http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(sv531ymdo1dat245bpevz3nn)/mileg.aspx?page=Calendars -- click on the day’s Calendar and you get a choice of either pdf or text to open up.  The Calendar, however, lists all POSSIBLE bills and actions that may come up during the daily session, not what will actually come up.  There are numbers for each item, and during floor debate you will hear the Floor Leader call up certain Calendar items, along with the bill numbers, and you can refer to that number for a summary of the activities on that bill.  The bills are not pulled up in order, and it can be confusing, but today we’ll be monitoring to see if and when the CAFO bills come up, and I’ll send a note as quickly as possible to let you know that the debate is on!




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"We know what to do. We have everything we need save the political will - which is, after all, a renewable resource. This is the time. This our moral moment and [I am confident] we will rise to the occasion." Former Vice President Albert Gore, at the Sierra Club Summit, September 2005