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E-M:/ Where to find alternative fuel stations in Michigan ...

Enviro-Mich message from "Lowell Prag" <lprag@mail.msen.com>


MapMuse.com has recently introduced interactive mapping of biodiesel fuel
stations and ethanol 85 fuel stations across the US. There are presently
more than 650 ethanol 85 fuel stations, and 350 biodiesel fuel stations
located within the maps. Site visitors may add additional stations to the
maps, which offer detailed information on each station, including the
specific street address.

biodiesel fuel stations:

None in Detroit and 4 in the far suburbs.

ethanol 85 fuel stations:

There's 1 in Detroit and 3 in the near suburbs.

Neither fuel solves CO2 green house gas problems and there are questions
as to whether or not their production provides a net energy gain but in
the short term, their use is certainly better than dying for oil in Iraq,

In the long term, only a hydrogen based fuel economy will solve those
problems, as hydrogen can easily be obtained from water, not fossil fuels
or other hydrocarbons, and the only by product of using hydrogen in fuel
cells, is pure water and heat.

Two problems with hydrogen though, producing it from water in a manner
that does not also produce CO2, and over coming the oil lobby in
Washington, in order to build a nationwide hydrogen delivery


Lowell Prag

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