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E-M:/ Thursday Caucus on Great Lakes Water, Art as Activism and Community Building - Midwest Social Forum

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Celebrating Water for Life - This workshop will outreach and link individuals and organizations concerned with Great Lakes Water communities confronting water pollution, shortage, diversion and rate issues such as in Highland Park residents are experiencing water shut-offs; Mecosta County's ground water is being freely siphoned and sold by a corporation; Monroe County residents must ship in water because their water supply has been contaminated by quarry operations.

Maureen Taylor, director of Michigan Welfare Rights Union will join us to discuss her involvement in the struggle to make water access a recognized human right, to restore water to the tens of thousands of Southeast Michigan residents who have faced home water shutoffs in the last five years, to connect Detroit?s poor with the international NGOs and governments for survival and empowerment.

William Copeland (Namaste Brown) will add dynamic poetry crafted in conversation with grassroots organizations, artist-activists, and communities throughout the Midwest struggling to maintain the integrity of their families and communities.  

International corporations and developers are using the legal system, our local and state representatives, and their deep financial resources to overrule the will of the people to protect their own neighborhoods and local environments.  We need your input as the session ends with a strategy and resource banking on how to teach each other and build community power in this system of globalized capital.

This session is designed to ensure participation and dialogue beyond traditional Q&A as it will include an overview of some of the water issues that the coalition have been discussing, a screening of part of the movie, Water Warriors by Liz Miller, and film shorts from Media That Matters.  The session will make use of music, poetry, and popular education methods to generate active involvement and think creatively about reaching new audiences and communities.

The session will include relationship building, strategy exchange, and exchanging the personal stories, political significance, and statistics to bring together rural, urban, and suburban communities once they realize their common interests in maintaining local controls and the guarantee of water as a human-right.

Participants will leave the workshop better INFORMED about struggles for water in the Great Lakes Region, more INSPIRED to organize their communities creatively and more IMPACTFUL in how they communicate via speech, writing, or arts.

1pm-6:30pm Thursday July 6 
        Midwest Social Forum, Milwaukee WI

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