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Stopping the Threat of Sunset Commissions

Urgent Action Needed!

A threat developing now in Congress would put federal programs on the chopping block -- including the programs that protect our right to know. And Congress would be virtually powerless to save the programs we need. We need you to send letters to Congress and take action to save programs from the "sunset commission" chopping block!

About the Threat

Proposals are being pushed through Congress to create an unelected, unaccountable "sunset commission" with the power to review federal programs and recommend which programs live, die, or get realigned.

The commission's recommendations would then be forced through Congress under anti-democratic procedures that would tie the hands of your elected representatives by limiting debate and giving them no chance to amend the recommendations. 

Some sunset commission proposals would even allow this unelected commission to do its work without regard to open government laws and with no public hearings.  Your right to know programs could be weakened or eliminated... and you wouldn't have a right to know about it until it was already too late!

Whether you care about the Toxic Release Inventory, the IRIS database, the National Toxicology Program's Report on Carcinogens, USDA food safety inspections, or worker right to know -- important federal programs are all at risk from the chopping block. Click here to learn more.

We Need Your Help!

House leadership has vowed to hold a vote on a sunset commission proposal after the July 4 recess. Please add your voice to the campaign to stop this threat in its tracks.

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