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(After oil declines, we'll have to recalibrate our idea of where food comes from.  Best to start early . . . )

100-Mile Diet Goes to Market

Our season has arrived! 100-milers across North America are discovering the bounty at their local Farmers' Markets -- a perfect source of delicious, connected, 100-mile goodness.

Will you join in the fun?

To help you along this great food adventure, we've put together a primer: 13 Lucky Farmers' Market Tips. Enjoy!

Visit the Site

Dear 100-Milers,

A big, big thanks to all of you for making the 100-Mile Diet campaign launch such a success. What a response!

In our first eight weeks, we had over 40,000 visitors and saw thousands join our mailing list. We received hundreds of stories from people like you right across North America (not to mention one from a scientist who keeps a greenhouse--in Antarctica!). USA Today even picked up the buzz, calling the 100-Mile Diet "The Birth of a Movement." We’re shaking up the food system, folks, and we've only just begun.

Plans are now in the the works for a major fall campaign (we’ll let the cat out of the bag soon), but first there's some important business to deal with: IT'S FARMERS MARKET SEASON!

There’s no better time to connect with people and enjoy local bounty. Will you help get things rolling by checking out our fun little primer?

Click here for 13 Lucky Farmers' Market Tips.

Please take a moment to visit the site and pass on the link to friends. We’ve got a movement to build -- for a food system that is good for our health, for small farms, for local economies and for the world around us.

Keep watching 100milediet.org. We’ve now recovered from the launch and are feverishly posting all of your great stories. Soon to come: recipes and local-eating toolkits, plus updates on our 100-Mile Diet book project (to be published in spring 2007). And don’t forget that top-secret fall campaign...

–Thanks for eating locally,
  Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon
  Thursday, July 6, 2006

"We hope the 100-Mile Diet will be the latest fad." --London Observer
"I think they’re nuts." --Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef


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