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Re: The myth of ethanol: Re: E-M:/ Metro Times article on ethanol

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Isaac" <rjisaac@gmail.com>

> My original point was that enviros need to educate the public to shape
> consumer demand that currently isn't there.

Ah, so it's "enviros" causing the problem? Ahh, of course.

So, what will "enviros" do to encourage demand for smaller cars, while
the industry spends -- what, ten or fifteen billion dollars annually
encouraging the opposite?  Suggestions?

Good question, how do we make it socially unacceptable to drive a hummer or any vehicle that spews CO2?

The solution to several problems: discontinue all models over 2,500 lbs GVW _today_. Engineer and retool for 60 mpg plus (regardless of CAFE), and produce every unit with the same quality as the average Toyota today. Commit to an additional 10 mpg more inside two years.

Whoever does that would have so many investors they'd not be able to
cash all the checks.  Units would fly off the floor at 20% over average
industry-wide retail, from day one.

How do you get the corporate CEO's to accept that solution when their profit margins are driven by the extremely profitable SUV and light-truck?

> Namaste yourself.

Namaste, quite a beautiful word. It's a shame more people do not understand it.

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