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Re: E-M:/ ENGLER is still doing damage

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

Crikey!  This story is actually getting some traction:

At this moment, 67 stories including in Salon, Wired, Washington Post,
Forbes, and most state journals -- most by way of Reuters and AP.

All about IREA, a company whose service area likely averages in the 90th
percentile for annual insolation across the continental US -- perhaps
more like 95th percentile among "developed" countries worldwide.

To paraphrase Utah Phillips, they have web trails...

>From (among other public contribution records):


   July 7, 2003:  a $500 contibutor to "SENATE MAJORITY FUND"

   2426 S ZEPHYR WAY
   LAKEWOOD CO   80227

Self-identified in that file as:
   Employer:  IREA
   Position:  LOBBYIST

Contacts data is generic for most IREA employees:


   State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission Regulatory Contact
   Electric, Non-Rate Regulated Rural Electric Association

   Intermountain Rural Electric Association
   Stanley Lewandowski, General Manager
   P.O. Drawer A
   Sedalia, CO 80135-0220

   Phone: 303.688.3100
   Fax:   303.688.7431

   Email Address: <No Email Address>

None?!  Wow; no useful addresses anywhere on the IREA site!  

OK; we need to understand their system.  Other web sites report:

   Bill Schroeder 
   Manager of Public Affairs

   Dick Prahl  (John R. Prahl)
   Media Contact

Last name only appears to be the pattern in the ranks:


   Michael Surran 

   Wes McAndrew 

They add first initials where uniqueness may fail:

   Drew Long 

Finally!  This is given as Lewandowski's e-mail, perhaps an assistant:

    Stanley Landowski

Stan's home phone is _much_ easier to find:

   Stanley R Lewandowski Jr.
   2426 S Zephyr Way
   Lakewood, CO 80227 

   (303) 985-7116

He's apparently not employed for his management expertise:


He's mentioned somewhere in this article on SLAPP:


   Political Claims, Legal Derailment, and the Context of Disputes 
   Penelope Canan, Gloria Satterfield, Laurie Larson, Martin Kretzmann
   Law & Society Review, Vol. 24, No. 4 (1990) , pp. 923-952

   This article is about claims manipulation and the influence
   of context on the careers and outcomes of disputes. We explore
   eleven cases in which civil tort action was used when citizen
   opponents petitioned the government (lawsuits called SLAPPs or
   "strategic lawsuits against public participation"). Rather than
   being totally contingent on interactional and situational factors,
   these disputes followed two general trajectories of transformation,
   depending on whether they arose from an "internal" or "external"
   setting. Disputes initially tied to a broad cultural or political
   claims base were transformed into more narrow and concrete claims.
   Yet the original political claims of the lawsuit targets were 
   less likely derailed.

However, I don't have access to JSTOR to confirm his role...

IREA appears out of step even in its home state, and industry:


   Colorado Electrical Co-Op Opposes Renewable Energy Mandates
   Colorado?s largest electrical co-op, Intermountain Rural
   Electric Association, sent out fliers to customers urging
   them not to support legislation designed to reduce dependence
   on fossil fuels.  The Colorado legislature is currently
   considering a bill that would mandate that ten percent 
   of Colorado electricity originates from renewable sources.  
   Intermountain claims that wind energy is expensive and is
   dangerous to birds and people.  Greg Schnacke, executive 
   vice president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association 
   disputed Intermountain?s claims and supports the energy

The Nexcerpt service I run reports that original Denver Post article:


...entitled "Renewable-energy bill opposed," appeared on 2004-03-26.

IREA tells a different story internally:


   "...we have opposed the Renewable Energy Mandate that, 
   if imposed on utilities by the legislature, would cause
   a significant increase in electric rates. We are not 
   opposed to renewable energy?as a matter of fact, a large
   portion (from 7% to 15%) of the electricity delivered to
   Association members is renewable, hydroelectric power. 
   We are, however, opposed to government mandates which 
   would increase your rates."

Don't we all feel better now?  

What's the general story on IREA?


   Intermountain Rural Electric Association
   With nearly 128,000 members, Intermountain Rural Electric 
   Association (IREA) is one of the largest and fastest-growing
   of more than 900 member-owned electric distribution cooperatives
   in the United States. 

   Since there are no stockholders, monies earned by the cooperative
   are returned to members via capital credit refund checks that are
   mailed in February of each year.

Actually, that explains a lot...

   IREA's 5,000-square-mile service area includes all or parts of ten 
   counties to the east, west and south of the metro Denver area and
   west of Colorado Springs. IREA's headquarters is located in Sedalia,
   Colorado, south of Littleton and north of Castle Rock. IREA has 
   district offices in Strasburg, Conifer and Woodland Park.

IREA aappears associated with four non-local firms (no rationale offered):

   Kohinoor Energy Ltd.     http://www.kel.com.pk/

   ABB Energy Ventures      http://www.abb.com/

   Nana Development Corp.   http://www.nana.com/

   South Central Power Co.  http://www.southcentralpower.com

>From IREA's own newsletter, January 2006:

   TIMOTHY WHITE, President

   SIDNEY HANKS, Vice President

   EUGENE SPERRY, Secretary/Treasurer

   GEORGE R. HIER, Asst. Sec./Treas.

   TOM PHILLIPS, Director

   JAMES DOZIER, Director

   BRUFF SHEA, Director


But, that would just get me started on more names, and you haven't
contacted Stan yet, have you?



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