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E-M:/ Part 2 of the Muskegon Chronicle articles with CAFOs

Today’s Muskegon Chronicle articles on CAFOs are on line already:




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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ravenna farmer's business spans nation
In the early hours of the morning, when most dairy farmers are heading into the barn to milk cows, Timothy den Dulk is often in front of a computer, electronically trading farm commodities.

Timothy den Dulk profile
Timothy den Dulk

Economics fueling boom in factory farms
Nicolaas Tensen emigrated to the United States from Holland four decades ago with a dream of owning a successful dairy farm.

For farm animals, is confined unkind?
The increasingly common practice of raising thousands of pigs, cows, turkeys or chickens inside huge barns raises a fundamental question: Are those living conditions good for the animals?

The CAFO effect on property values: There goes the neighborhood
Factory farms that house thousands of animals and produce millions of gallons of manure can be devastating to surrounding property values, according to several studies



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If the Green Revolution is a bloody pulp today, it is not just because the environmental movement mugged itself. It is because the corporate, political, and religious right ganged up on it in the back alleys of power.  

Bill Moyers, before the Society of Environmental Journalists, 10/1/05