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E-M:/ House Dems Applaud Public Pressure for Ending Human Waste Invasion

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House Dems Applaud Public for Ending Human Waste Invasion
Starting today, Canada won’t send human sludge to Wayne County; Dems renew call for tough plan to fight all imported trash

LANSING – House Democrats applauded the public for their efforts in scoring a victory in the fight against Canadian garbage after a landfill that takes all Toronto’s trash stops taking in anymore human waste beginning today.
“Downriver families have repeatedly said they refuse to be Toronto’s toilet any longer and, thanks to their hard work, they’ve successfully stopped the flood of human waste into our communities,” House Democratic Leader Dianne Byrum (D-Onondaga) said. “The Republican-controlled Legislature must start listening to our citizens and stop protecting the garbage lobby. They must end the stonewalling and take tough action against all trash from Canada and other states.”
Faced with intense public pressure, Carleton Farms Landfill in Sumpter Township announced in June that it would no longer import any more human waste sludge from Canada beginning today. For years, residents have complained that the putrid smell from the landfill is unbearable. Canadian trash trucks have also been involved in accidents in Downriver communities. On March 2, a trash truck in Huron Township dumped human waste on Will Carleton Road. In February 2005, a Canadian trash truck dumped human waste in Flat Rock, closing a 2-block section of the city. A Canadian trash truck killed two men in Huron Township in November 2005. Carleton Farms accepts 1.1 million tons of Canadian trash annually.
“This is a great day for Downriver communities, who have fought for so long and so hard to protect our neighborhoods,” said Rep. Kathleen Law (D-Gibraltar), a leader in the fight against Canadian and out-of-state trash. “I applaud the public for helping us win this victory – now we must attack the economics of the trash trade and fight all imported garbage. Trash comes to Michigan because we’re the cheapest dumping ground around, and the best way to reduce the flood of garbage is to level the economic playing field.”
“We won’t stop fighting out-of-state and Canadian trash,” said Rep. Kathy Angerer (D-Dundee). “Today, Downriver communities showed that public pressure can slam the brakes on Canadian trash trucks. We'll continue our efforts until the Legislature listens to the citizens and takes real action against all imported garbage – Canadian and out-of-state."

Law is the lead sponsor of a plan to raise Michigan’s dumping charge from 21 cents a ton – the lowest in the region – to $7.50 a ton. Angerer is the lead sponsor of a plan to ban new landfills until 2011. Michigan has a glut of landfill space – an estimated 17 years of remaining capacity. Canada and other states dumped 6.2 million tons of trash in Michigan in 2005 – a 100-000-ton increase from 2004, according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Dan Farough
Press Secretary
House Democratic Communications


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