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E-M:/ Toledo Blade on shutdown, partial evacuation at Fermi 2

Below is the URL to two articles from the Toledo Blade, Toledo, Ohio, on the shutdown and partial evacuation of the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant by Monroe, Michigan, yesterday.

The first article is from today, Tuesday, August 1, 2006

"Fermi II plant restart process extended" by TOM HENRY
NEWPORT, Mich. ­

"Detroit Edison Co. now says it expects to have its 1,100-megawatt Fermi II nuclear plant back at full power tomorrow morning rather than tonight."

"The plant automatically shut down because of an electrical malfunction Saturday afternoon, just after the latest heat wave began...."

"Fermi II representatives now say about 25 people were evacuated - rather than the 50 reported yesterday - as a result of the carbon dioxide gas discharge...."

The second article directly underneath is from Monday, July 31st:

"50 evacuate Fermi II nuclear site; heat may have triggered fire alarms in auxiliary building"

Both articles can be found at: