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E-M:/ Mackinac Center article

An editorial titled "Center for "Unscientific Research" by Jim Crees (JimC@pioneergroup.net) in the 7/12/06 Big Rapids MI Pioneer Newspaper might be of interest to the environmental community.  It identifies the main economic supporters of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy as the DeVos family, the Prince family, (Betsy DeVos's mom and dad) the Merillat Foundation, and the Dow Foundation.  Studies by professionals quoted in the editorial conclude "Many of the documents described by the Mackinac Center as "studies" do not represent genuine social science  research,"  "The overall quality...ranges from inadequate to just adequate," and, "Few Mackinac Center sponsored studies are of high quality and very few would be accepted for publication in a peer reviewed academic journal..."  The studies quoted were apparently accomplished with a bent toward educational policies.  I would like to see a similar study on environmental issues.